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Ehsaas Kamyab Kisaan Program Registration 2024

Ehsaas Kamyab Kisaan

Farmers are an important part of our society and they play an important role in the development of the country. Be it vegetables or fruits, pulses or grains, 80% of human needs are the produce of the land, which depends on the labor of farmers. The Government of Pakistan has launched the “Ehsaas Kamyab Kisaan” to help farmers.  

Because, agriculture is the central and important occupation of Pakistan, which provides food products and employment. The government of Pakistan aims to achieve maximum success in the agriculture sector. Farmers can get subsidies on the purchase of all agricultural inputs such as fertilizers, seeds, and sprays.

This program was started by the former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan in 2021. The main objective of starting this program is to provide financial assistance to poor farmers. So that they can do farming easily. Fertilizer seeds and sprays have become expensive due to inflation. Because of which they cannot do farming. That is why the government of Pakistan has started this aid program.

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Kamyab Kisan Program Gov Pk Online Registration

They have provided everything from training to finance to the youth. All the farmers of Sindh, KPK Balochistan, and Punjab can be eligible for a successful farmer tractor scheme. The objective of this program is to help farmers by providing them with easy loans. The most important thing in farming is the tractor. Farmers found it very difficult to buy tractors and had to mortgage their land. Because of this, they faced a lot of trouble. 

Under this program, about 5 thousand tractors were provided to help the farmers. Earlier, farmers used to get loans at 20 percent interest despite mortgaging their land, with which they could buy their tractors. The government of Pakistan has given relief, now with the help of online registration of the “Ehsaas Kamyab Kisaan” they can take easy loans at only three percent interest without mortgaging their lands.

If you are also a farmer and want to apply for a successful farmer program loan. So you will get a loan of 10 lakh rupees which you can use to buy a tractor for your farming purpose. Go to the website of this program and fill out the online registration form.

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Kamyab Kisan Program Website

Viewers The Government of Pakistan has announced to give loans to farmers for farming. If you are also a farmer and want to get a loan from the Farmers’ Loan Scheme run by the Government of Pakistan. So we will tell you the complete way to get a loan. 

How you can get a loan by registering in this scheme. To get a loan, you must first go to the official website of the government. You have to create your account there. After creating the account, you have to enter your information. And you have to apply for the loan.

Kamyab Kisan Loan Scheme Registration

You need a few things to register for this program.

  • Photocopy of your National Identity Card.
  • Your educational degree is a BA or MA.
  • Two passport-size photographs with a blue background.
  • If you have any farming experience, write it.
  • Driving license to drive the tractor.
  • Account in Habib Bank Limited and a balance of around 500 is required.
  • If you are a tax filer, add your NTN number as well.
  • If a vehicle is already registered in your name, provide the complete registration number of that vehicle.
  • Name and National Identity Card number and phone number of two persons who are not your close relatives as references.
  • Details of your monthly income and all expenses.

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Kamyab Kisan Program Application Status 2023

After submitting a successful application, you should check your status periodically on the Ehsaas program web portal. Application status can also be updated through SMS on your phone number. If your application is rejected, you don’t need to worry. You need to provide your further details and after that,

you can apply again. If your application is approved, you can get your loan from any branch of the National Bank of Pakistan. You will get only 10 lakh rupees as a loan for the purchase of a tractor. If the price of the tractor is more than that, you will have to pay it yourself.

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